Secure Text Messaging For The Masses

If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.
– Cardinal Richelieu

How Secure?

We use 256 bit ECC public keys as well as a unique signed key exchange. So your messages are secure from prying eyes.

Open Source!

Still iffy on our security? Take a peak at the source code. We're opening the trench coat here and exposing it all.

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100% Free!

Oh and That doesn't mean we loaded it up with ads either. 100% ad free for life guaranteed.

Secure Communication


Welcome Screen Shared Secrets Key Exchange Encrypted Conversation


Tinfoil-SMS requires both parties to set up shared secrets and exchange keys before messages can be securely sent. Tinfoil-SMS now includes an in-app tutorial, however if you would like more information the following is an excellent introductory video that demonstrates how to properly use the application with the best security practices. If you would like more information there is also a detailed walkthrough that can guide you through it as well.

Contact & Support

Having trouble with Tinfoil-SMS? All in app bugs for beta releases are automatically reported, however if you have any questions, comments or concerns; check out the documentation on our Wiki or email us at and we’ll try to respond as soon as possible.

Translations & Testing

We are looking for people who are interested in providing translations, testing the app, and providing feedback to help fix bugs and make the app more stable and secure. If you are interested you can either send us an email at or submit an issue on GitHub. You can also contact us from within the app from the feedback section of the application settings.

Donate to Tinfoil-SMS

We always appreciate a nice shout out or a shiny dollar or two. You can donate through Flattr, or PayPal. If you can't do either, give our URL a shout out on your favorite social media platform, we'll be just as thankful.

Authors & Contributors

Cryptography library and security by Jonathan G. @gnu-user
Android development and App UI by Joseph H. @dataBaseError
Web copy, icons, and images by Zach J. @TheZachJordan